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Google finalizes HTC acquisition deal for $1.1 billion

  MPC Team


Google and HTC finalized a deal worth $1.1 billion back in September 2017. HTC is actually going to receive this money for exchanging some of its employees as well as giving access to Google of some of its intellectual property.

Taiwanese Investment Commission had approved this agreement back in December and today it has finally been welcomed by Google’s new members of the team.

This deal basically includes the exchange of 2000 engineers who have already been working in manufacturing of Google Pixel 2 as well as its upcoming successors. These engineers will remain working in Taiwan and Taipeo and this location will become the largest engineering site of Google.

Google’s Hardware Senior VP has also commented that it’s been third year since the company’s entry into hardware business and through this transaction, the company will keep on building as well as investing in the long run.

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