Google Confirms Android Auto Wireless for Android Oreo Users

After Google’s recent rollout of the Android Auto Wireless feature, Kenwood confirmed that this feature will also be available on other devices which have Android P. This was announced in a press release a few weeks after Google’s announcement. Prominent… read more

Youtube TV new feature

YouTube TV Introduces “Voice Remote” Functionality

The most recent feature introduced to YouTube TV is being dubbed ‘voice remote’ and it will provide users the ability to perform certain important tasks using voice commands. In short it’s a new voice command remote control feature for YouTube… read more

latest mobile phone

Review of latest Android flavour entitled ‘P’

Google has just announced the latest flavour of their globally popular Android OS. The latest version is 9.0 and Google have lovingly dubbed it as only… P. While Google is keeping us in suspense some have guessed that the P… read more

Report: Facebook Plans to Push Ads on WhatsApp Soon

Owing to the recent controversy related to user data sharing, Facebook has faced a major set-back and its credibility and reputation plummeted. Soon after Mark Zuckerberg’s meeting and testimonial before the US Congress, the co-founder and CEO of WhatsApp, Jan… read more

Ride with a Careem for a Chance to Win Xiaomi Mi Mix 2!

Xiaomi Pakistan is effectively joining hands with different companies in the country to expand its reach to the local consumers. In the latest spree of collaborations, Mi Pakistan has collaborated with Careem in order to invite users to take a… read more