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Google launches a new app for Google Tasks!

Google had earlier released the revamped version of Gmail, and now it has launched a new app for the Google Tasks. This is a web service, which was previously accessible via Google Calendar and Gmail. This separate app will now… read more

Xiaomi Mi A2 reveals the price of Xiaomi Mi 6X

Only a day is left in the official release of Xiaomi Mi 6X, but we might have the complete list of its specifications even before its launch. The phone has today been listed on website, which is the official… read more


OnePlus 5T Review

2017 was the year that shaped many new trends in the mobile phone technology, i.e. from dual-camera system introduction, to stretched-out 18:9 displays to the facial recognition feature. All of these features had been adopted by the major smartphone manufacturing… read more

Samsung Galaxy s9 and S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus now launched in India!

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus flagship smartphones have been released in India today. The smartphones will be available through different offline retailers as well as the online stores such as Flipkart and Samsung’s online store. The pre-orders by Flipkart… read more


LG X4 has Launched with the LG Pay Service

The LG Electronics hasrecently announced the launch of its “LG X4” handset in the homeland, South Korea. After the introduction of LG X4+ in January earlier this year, now LG X4 is the latest inclusion to the LG’s X series… read more