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Small Sized Variant of the iPhone SE 2 Not Coming Around

The famous case maker, Olixar, has just released some disappointing news regarding the smallest variant of the 2018 iPhone X. Previously, there were plenty of rumors and even renders based on the iPhone SE 2 schematics, but the latest information… read more

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Apple to adopt USB-C For 2019 iPhones, rumors say

For those of you, anxiously waiting for Apple to bring USB-C to its iPhone lineup in some form, it looks like you’ll have to wait a little longer. According to a new rumor out of China, the company is only going… read more

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Apple Chooses OLED Displays For Newer iPhone Models

Apple which has recently started planning new iPhone models, has decided to add OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panels on all of its upcoming three models. These newer models are to be launched next year. This report was recently released by… read more

Apple Rumored to Offer Cheaper HomePod Alternative

According to a recent Analytics report, 9.2 million smart speakers were shipped in the first quarter of the year and out of those only 600,000 units were the Apple HomePod. Apple managed to capture only 6% of the market’s share… read more

The Upcoming Mid-range iPhone SE 2 will Resemble iPhone X!

Back in 2016, Apple released a mid-range iPhone namely iPhone SE, which came with the price tag of $450. This phone featured 4-inch display and exhibited exceptional performance. Now, a new render has surfaced through Olixar, a case manufacturer, for… read more

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Apple iPhone X Now Gets YouTube HDR Video Support

A new YouTube feature is rolling out to the iPhone X in the form of HDR video support. Hundreds of iPhone users in Pakistan as well as globally are now able to watch High Dynamic Range (HDR) videos on YouTube.… read more

Apple’s Upcoming iPhones Might Feature Triple Rear Cameras!

According to industry specialists, the latest offering from Apple will likely be an iPhone model with three rear cameras, similar to the P20 Pro from Huawei. Apple is attempting to “innovate” its iPhone lineup and reportedly might include three rear… read more

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Apple confirms Face ID malfunctions on iPhone X

The iPhone X which was just released at the tail end of last year and is already in trouble regarding failures with the Face ID feature. Recent reports suggest that Apple is already struggling with this feature. Interestingly, Apple claims… read more

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iPhone X becomes top-selling smartphone in Q1 2018!

Apple was under sheer criticism for releasing the most expensive iPhone in its history, i.e. iPhone X. However, even the higher price did not stop the phone getting sold in large numbers in the world, as it has now become… read more

Top 10 phones for gaming currently available in Pakistan!

Mobile phone gaming has become a norm in today’s world owing to the increased computing power within a phone that you carry with yourself. There are different accessories designer in a particular manner for increasing the mobile phone gaming experience.… read more