HTC Flagship phone
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The next flagship by HTC will feature matte white glass design

  MPC Team


A report coming out from HTC has confirmed through a trustworthy source that HTC U12 might be featuring the design elements that were earlier introduced in HTC U11 as well as U11+. These features are going to include the two pieces of glass along with a metal frame, which is sandwiched between them.

Just like that of U11+, one can expect that there will be a fingerprint reader mounted on the back side along with the dual camera system. It is also known that HTC has also created some mess in the dual camera phones in the past, such as HTC One M8 and EVO 3D, one thing is interesting that whether HTC will be deviating from the dual camera system or it uses other OEMs. One might also wonder that whether U12 would have dual front cameras as well like U11 Eyes or it would not.

HTC Flagship

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