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Apple Chooses OLED Displays For Newer iPhone Models

  MPC Team

Apple which has recently started planning new iPhone models, has decided to add OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panels on all of its upcoming three models. These newer models are to be launched next year. This report was recently released by South Korea’s Electronic Times and citied multiple unnamed industry sources.

Japan Display, one of the main suppliers of liquid crystal display (LCD) screens for Apple iPhones, has fallen behind other South Korean manufacturers regarding OLED production.

The news of Apple’s latest decision caused a plunge of 10 percent in the shares of Japan Display. On the other hand, shares of LG Display soared upwards. At one stage Japan Display’s shares fell as much as 21 percent.

“If Apple uses OLED for all models for next year, that could raise hopes for LG Display to take a slice, as Apple may want to diversify its sources for OLED supply,” said Lee Won-sik, an analyst at Shinyoung Securities in Seoul.

Representatives from Apple’s South Korea office were not available for comment whereas Japan Display declined to comment.

Currently Japan Display is searching for new investors who can finance investment to launch a production line as it plans to start mass-producing OLED panels for smartphones but only starting in 2019.

“The Japanese government will continue to provide a lifeline to Japan Display, but the company has been just so slow in catching up with South Korean rivals in OLED,” said Masayuki Otani, the chief market analyst at Securities Japan.

Apple’s latest decision to use OLED displays instead of LCD displays in its newer models will surely have some impact on mobile phone prices in Pakistan for Apple iPhones as these are ranked among the most popular and favorite, smartphones in the country.

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