Samsung Galaxy S10
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Galaxy S10 May Feature In-House Under Display Fingerprint Reader

  Nabeel Akhtar

For quite some time now, rumors related to whether the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 would have a fingerprint reader, were shifting between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. There were rumors that the 2018 flagship phone would feature an under display fingerprint reader but now that rumor has been debunked. No such fingerprint reader would be available on Galaxy Note 9. This has however now shifted the attention of the rumor mongers to Samsung Galaxy S10.

The under display fingerprint readers, on current devices, work only with OLED displays. Since these displays are optical devices. Samsung has long been the best manufacturer of OLED displays when it comes to phones. Samsung is also rumored to be working on an ultrasonic reader. This might replace the aforementioned under display reader instead.

An ultrasonic fingerprint reader would provide the advantage of improved accuracy as it is able to capture a fingerprint in 3D while the other sensors are 2D only. However, ultrasonic readers are costlier to manufacture and require a lot of work to achieve reliability.

Qualcomm has been promising to some out with such ultrasonic readers but has not yet released any mainstream model. Vivo switched to Synaptics X21 UD sensor after experimenting with Qualcomm’s solution for some time. So for the time being Samsung’s ultrasonic readers can prove to be a better solution.

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