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YouTube TV Introduces “Voice Remote” Functionality

  Nabeel Akhtar

The most recent feature introduced to YouTube TV is being dubbed ‘voice remote’ and it will provide users the ability to perform certain important tasks using voice commands. In short it’s a new voice command remote control feature for YouTube TV.

Users can use their voice to change YouTube TV channels or play a particular channel. Adjusting volume or performing forward and rewind operations can also be executed using voice commands.

It’s interesting to note that a support page for this new feature has been available on Google’s website for quite some time now and release of this feature was expected.

But as it turns out, this feature is a partial release. Users of both Android and iOS platform have reported receiving the ‘voice remote’ feature. Considering this situation the full feature should be rolled out completely very soon.

Users of YouTube TV and smartphones in Pakistan will also be able to make use of this new feature.

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