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Xiaomi Sued by Coolpad for Infringing UI Patents

  MPC Team

The latest patent infringement battle coming into news, involves Chinese manufacturers Coolpad and Xiaomi. The western trend of suing a company if you can’t compete with them is catching up with the Asians as well. The Shenzhen-based company Coolpad has sued Xiaomi claiming infringement of UI patents, including the design of their multi-SIM card.

According to the details of the lawsuit which is filed in a court in the Jiangsu province, the devices from Xiaomi have copied “basic communication, display and interactive functions of mobile phones that are difficult to circumvent or replace”.

Yulong Computer Telecommunication Scientific which is a subsidiary of Coolpad, demands that Xiaomi immediately stops the manufacturing and sales of its phones which have copied their technology. These phones include: Mi 6, Mi Max 2, Mi Note 3, Mi 5X, Redmi Note 4 and Mi Mix 2.

Jiang Chao, Group CEO of Coolpad and Syed Tajuddin, CEO of Coolpad India said that the company will pursue its rights in protecting its patents. Xiaomi has not yet issued any statement as a response to this controversy.

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