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Latest update of Android Wear App will Provide Enhanced Notification Glanceability through Darker Background

4 months ago   MPC Team

Google has made an official announcement regarding the roll out of the latest update of its Android Wear app. This will be considered as the version 2.8, and this update will bring up many new changes into the app, e.g. darker background and therefore the enhanced level of glanceability.

The new update will have enhanced notification glanceability with a new layout that will be able to show the users n whiew messages at a single glance. As mentioned above, the background has also been made a bit darker, and the purpose of this update is to ensure that the users have a better readability of the content visible on the watch display.

Moreover, the company has said that this update will be officially rolled out in the next few days. So, if you have not received it already, then be patient, as only a few days’ wait is remaining.

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