How to Take 360 Photos through Facebook App

It has been a more than a year now that Facebook has allowed us to post the 360-degree photos into its newsfeed. This feature gives our families and friends to look at the interactive and wraparound images. So now, you… read more

Threading to Comments Now Added in Instagram

Instagram has been recently recognized as quite a busy app, as it has added a lot of features into its image sharing service. Today, another feature has been introduced. Unlike before, this new changed feature has been a smaller one… read more

Uber Takes a Step Forward, In-App Messaging Feature

Uber is rolling out new in-app chat feature today which will help riders and drivers to communicate via messages. Once the ride is being booked, rider can send a text message to the driver and same on the other hand… read more

Samsung Keyboard App Now Available on Google Play Store

We have witnesses in the past many virtual keyboard apps for smartphones; however many of them were literally trash. The keyboard app by Samsung was exclusively installed in Samsung smartphones, but now the company has made it public, and Samsung… read more