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Paid Android Games and Apps Which have Now Gone Free

8 months ago   MPC Team

Every day brings us some good things and deals that we remember it for. Today will be remembered for Android’s 5 paid apps and games that have now gone free. Yes, you heard that right! There are some apps in Android, which were earlier available for some price, but now the users can download them literally for free. Strange, isn’t it? As it does happen rarely on Android.

What you need to do is to act immediately before the developers change their plans and put a price on their respective game or app.

Here are the android apps, which have now gone from paid to free.

1. Clipboard Manager Pro, which was earlier available for $1.99.

2. Darkland game, which was earlier priced at $0.99.

3. Chrooma Float Live Wallpaper, which had a price of $0.99.

4. Memies app, which earlier had a price of $0.99.

5. A Dark Room, a game earlier priced at $0.99.

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