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Happy New Year 2018!

  MPC Team


With the passage of another year, the advancements in the mobile technology have been more rampant and effective. The MPC Team greatly enjoyed the coverage of all sorts of progress in the mobile technology in 2017 and we are now expecting to witness more of such advancements in 2018 as well.

So, we thank our audience for continuously being with us and we expect ourselves to be the most preferred and viewed platform for mobile phone news, reviews, updated prices and specifications around the world in 2018 as well.

We have extensively grown on Facebook as well as Twitter. In 2018, we now aim to bring massive presence on YouTube and other social media as well so as to update the audience more actively about the latest mobile phones and tablets.

We are also grateful to our audience and we dearly appreciate the hard work and commitment shown by us and which has been respected by our viewers and readers. So, we further hope to do even better in 2018.

So, Happy New Year to all of you, and we simply wish you the great happiness, joy and success in 2018 as well as the future years to come!

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