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Facebook Fake News Threats: Obama Warns Zuckerberg

  MPC Team

Conversation of Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg happened when Obama was still in charge of United States and 2 months before Donald Trump inauguration.

This has been reported by the Washington Post that Barak Obama made an appeal to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to take fake news threats seriously. He wanted the government and Facebook to address the political disinformation threats so that it won’t get worse in next presidential race.

Zuckerberg dismissed the idea and that the “Facebook fake news influenced the election as crazy”. He told Obama that there aren’t widespread and that there is not an easy remedy for this, revealed by the sources who were part of this brief exchange of views.

Moreover, Facebook did detect Russian information operation back in June 2016. Also, reported the findings to FBI which then was decided that the issue would be fought together. Nevertheless, Facebook has faced harsh criticism over mishandling of fake news.

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