Xiaomi mi 7 price in pakistan
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Xiaomi In Process of Its Own Face ID Feature for Upcoming Mi 7

  MPC Team

It is apparently clear that the notch in upcoming Xiaomi Mi 7 is more than just the design choice. This is revealed through a leak in which Mi 7 notch was shown, which was similar to that of Apple’s Face ID. This is basically Xbox Kinect module.

The Face ID of Apple actually utilizes the dot projector as well as infrared camera for unlocking the phone using the user’s face. The below image shows the alleged implementation of Xiaomi, and it features sufficient hardware for replicating the task offering the similar amount of security.

xiaomi mi 7 price in pakistan

Below is the Face ID technology of Apple.

xiomi mi 7

The recently revealed images show that there will be a larger notch in Xiaomi Mi 7, which will be the same as that of iPhone X. Most of the incoming Android phones have the same Face scanning, which is particularly reliant upon the front camera as well as the built-in solution by Android. Hence, they are basically left with the notches only having the proximity sensor, ambient light sensor as well as the earpiece. This actually causes the notch size to be smaller.

Xiaomi has actually experience the issues concerning the implementation of its own Face ID feature for upcoming Mi 7. This has actually led to the delays in the release of the phone.

The rumored date for release of Xiaomi Mi 7 is 23rd May.

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