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Why Wireless Charging is Missing on OnePlus 6

  Nabeel Akhtar

The recently released OnePlus 6 is being hailed as a true a flagship killer, but that still doesn’t make it perfect. One of the important features missing from the smartphone but available on all other flagships available on the market, is wireless charging.

As we mentioned in our review OnePlus 6 that the phone does not come with wireless charging even though the back of the device is glass-coated. Usually this material is the perfect fit for a device that includes this particular feature, OnePlus has decided not to add wireless charging to the OnePlus 6.

When the reason for this decision was inquired, a OnePlus official commented that the company did not feel that wireless charging would be suitable for the flagship.

“We don’t really feel the need to add wireless charging. We’re not going to add a feature just for the sake of it.”

Well, seems like a good explanation, although there’s probably more to it than OnePlus simply ignoring the said feature, such as the fact that the addition of wireless charging would have increased the phone’s price and lowered the profit margins. On top of that, OnePlus’ Dash Charge feature is indeed quite fast when it comes to charging, so OnePlus 6 users are ultimately safely covered in that sense.

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