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This Video Shows Samsung Wants You to Switch from Slower iPhone to Faster Galaxy S9

  MPC Team

What would you do if your iPhone 6 will not be able to handle the daily stuff that you want to do with convenience? Samsung thinks that Apple is not really capable of doing that, and the only solution for it is to upgrade to Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus. This new video by the company highlights this point. See the video here:

It seems to be quite ironic. It really appears that Samsung is actually doing mockery of Apple iPhones and is pushing the people to switch to the better as well as latest phone. This is exactly what it has done for itself. This is the main point of this ad after all.

Another fact is that iPhone is quite slow, and the video uses the word ‘lagging’ for describing how slow the phone is.

However, there was a happy ending of this video, and the protagonist of the video ultimately proceeds with Galaxy S9 Plus, which is claimed to be a device that will not be lagging even after 4 years.


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  1. Every Samsung phone I ever saw including the S9 lags as compared to it iPhone never lags that much!

    • Samsung is better I have used and compared 3 years old note 4 is still better than iPhone 6!

  2. Samsung and Apple Still fighting until now… While Huawei and Xiaomi slowly eating their fans for its retard battle that doesn’t make any sense

  3. Who will buy android ? No privacy on android…iphone is iphone…no one can beat iphone

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