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The Upcoming iPhone 9 will Feature Super Bright LCD Display Just Like in LG G7!

  MPC Team

Apple is said to completely revamp its basic iPhone model by introducing the LCD display and increasing the basic size up to 6.1 inches. The price of basic version of iPhone is going to be set at the most $650. This is quite a good development as compared to 4.7-inch display featured in iPhone 8. Moreover, the new aspect ratio will be coming along with the TrueDepth camera notch, which will be helpful in maintaining the size quite compact, tall and nice.

So, the question is, how Apple will manage to place the large notch in an LCD screen? Well, the upcoming iPhone 9, which is its probable name, will be coming with JDI Full Active display technology. This will not be an OLED screen, and hence the upcoming LCD screen will be flexible enough so that it could be slightly bent. Moreover, the panel bezels as well as the connection circuitry on the bottom side are minimized, which make these Full Active screens to be one of the most compact ones.

Upcoming iPhone 9, according to the Korean media reports, will have the same technology as is found in the newly released flagship phone of LG, i.e. G7, which will have MLCD+ display, and which adds the additional white pixels to the regular green, blue and red dots. This will also let the MLCD+ panels to produce brighter displays with up to 1000 nits, which was found in case of G7. This also consumes lesser energy when it is display white color compared to the regular RGB matrices.

Hence, the upcoming iPhone 9 will be a pretty interesting addition in smartphones, and according to the analysts, this would be a windfall for Apple from sales point of view. Hence, we will be eager to see the next incoming basic model of iPhone and will expect that it will come with amazing specs and affordable price tag.

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  1. The G7’s LCD is probably the most high-end mobile LCD they have. Most likely it’s going to remain exclusively on LG only!!

  2. Apple is not preferable to me as it provides grossly overpriced products with nothing new instead of removing a previous feature lol!

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