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Turn your phone into a lie detector through this app!

  MPC Team

Smartphones are now going to get lie detector apps in them thanks to the computer scientists of University of Copenhagen. The app will basically use AI for tracking honesty or dishonesty against any question.

The new lie-detection algorithm basically works in a way that if you swipe the screen of your phone in confident manner, then it will be considered as a truth, and if you do that in a shaky manner, then it would be a lie. This app will light up green signal in case of truth and red question mark will be visible in case of a lie.

This app will be called Veritap, and it will work in similar manner as that of Polygraph, which is actually used in the police stations and courtrooms. The app will also have same limitations as that of polygraph. The main highlight of this app, based on which it is basically working, is that if you pause, you lose out.

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