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Time limit to delete messages on WhatsApp now increased to more than an hour!

  MPC Team

WhatsApp has remained one of the very few social media and messaging apps in which you are able to delete a message that you have sent to the other users. Skype is the other most important app on which this feature is available. However, it is a sure thing that most of the people use WhatsApp.

Back in October 2017, this feature was introduced by WhatsApp through which the users were allowed to delete their sent message for themselves as well as the recipient within seven minutes after sending the message.

As a matter of fact, that time for deleting the message has now been increased from seven minutes to precisely one hour, eight minutes and sixteen seconds. This translates up to 4096 seconds in total. Perhaps WhatsApp has expanded this window of deleting message period too much, as some people will definitely now have ample time to change their minds later after sending a message.

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