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The Immense Variations of Apple iPhone Prices in Pakistan

  Faraz Faraz

The current era is of gadgets and technology. The world in which we are living today is a lot different than the world our great grandfathers have seen and it is only because of technology. There is no doubt in saying that amongst the greatest of the revolutions in the world of gadgets, smart phones hold a very high position. Today, almost every person owns a smart phone as it has become a necessity of life rather than a piece of luxury. If someone does not have a smart phone then such a person is considered non-existent in the present time period.

apple-iphone-price-in-pakistanCurrently, there are 3 main operating systems on which smart phones run. The leading OS is definitely the Android, a powerful and extremely user friendly operating system that has been introduced by the Google. According to the surveys around 80 to 85 percent of the global market has been dominated by Android which clearly shows that people are fond of using Android. Even in Pakistan’s local cell phone market, Android is currently sitting on the throne. After Android the 2nd position goes to iOS, the operating system of Apple that is found in iPhone and other Apple products. And the last operating system in the race is Windows of Microsoft which is trying its best to gain popularity in the global market.

Apple iPhone Price in Pakistan Vs Global Prices of Apple iPhone

It is a common thing to hear in Pakistan that people buy Apple iphone 6s Plus from someone who lives in abroad. The only reason to do such a thing is the difference of Apple iPhone price in Pakistan compared to the global Price. Actually, the Apple products that are available in Pakistan are imported from other countries such as United States of America, United Arab Emirates and few other countries because Apple products are not manufactured in Pakistan. So, if anything that is imported from a foreign country it does turn out to be expensive due to various taxes that get added to its actual price. That is why the iPhone that is easily available in abroad at a price of $500 which is around 50000 Pakistani Rupees costs about 70000 Rupees in Pakistan. It clearly shows that there is a huge difference in BlackBerry mobile price in Pakistan and iPhone price in Pakistan than price found in other countries.

What are the latest Apple iPhone prices in Pakistan?

apple-iphone-price-in-pakistanWhen you go out in the local cell phone market of Pakistan with a wish to come back home with an iPhone in your hand then you need to make sure that you should be carrying at least 30000 rupees in your pocket before leaving for the market. The latest Apple iPhone prices in Pakistan range from 22000 PKR to 70000 PKR depending upon the model number and condition of the Apple iPhone if you are planning to buy a used iPhone. As all these phones come from abroad, most of them are slightly used and that is why they are present in various conditions. If you are truly interested in latest Apple iPhone price in Pakistan then it would be best for you to search online for the latest iPhone price , there are different sites of mobile phone price in Pakistan that offer up-to-date market prices and detailed cell phone features information. Get Free Traffic by

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