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TECNO’s New Smartphone will have Built-in Cooling System

  MPC Team

This is not the first time that TECNO global premium mobile phone brand is releasing state-of-the-art smartphone that would modernize the mobile market and improve user experience. Previously TECNO launch Camon i with full view display and with very innovative features to the delight of many tech consumers & enthusiasts.

tecno mobile phone

According to the rumor mongers, TECNO’s next smartphone would be released as a duo and possess first of its kind camera features, which will create ripple effect through the smartphone industry. This smartphone will be launched within this month.

Rumors also suggested, that new TECNO Mobile could have 60MP rear camera with super Pixel zoom ability or a camera with an ability to perform an MRI scan on people? Looking at the latest advancements in the recent time which TECNO mobile is providing, anything we can expect from TECNO!

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Just when you thought we all had seen it all as regards smartphone creation, TECNO Mobile always seem to have something new and innovative up their sleeves. Not only is this new smartphone rumored to possess a unique, previously unheard of camera feature but it’s also said to come with an inbuilt cooling feature that would keep the phone fully optimized through a series of background cleaning. A smartphone said to come with an in-built cooling system, the best things in life truly come in small packages.

TECNO always brings something new for its users and always come up with new innovative features and ideas. Rumours suggested that the upcoming handset will not have only have great camera feature, but it will also have inbuilt cooling feature, that would keep the phone fully optimized through a series of background cleaning to improve its working.

Further More, the upcoming phone rumored to be from Camon series will be having art facial recognition system, big built in storage with latest android operating system like OREO.

tecno mobile price

Hope that these rumors will be true and users will get the chance to use the most innovative devices, more than their expectations.


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  1. I don’t think its something important maybe except than adding cooling system they would have added better display or camera features in less price.

  2. Cooling what? processor? What do they have inside? A baking machine? lol

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