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Spotify Version of iOS App Offers Real Time Stats

6 months ago   MPC Team

Spotify, a music streaming service provider has launched yet another app but this time for artists such as content creators and their related teams. Currently, Spotify for Artists is only available for iOS users but Android version is coming soon.

Artist has to verify with Spotify in order to use the app but it could be done through their website. By having this app, artists can manage their profiles; update their bios, picks and playlists at any time and from anywhere. Also, artists can view the real time stats for the first week after they release their new song or album.

Spotify mobile app let the artist to learn about his listeners in an aggregated information format, for example, their age, gender, location and the name of the artists or genres they are interested in. This is quite a handful of useful information especially for new budding singers.

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