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Snapchat will now allow the content sharing on other social media!

  MPC Team


Snap Inc. has announced today that its users will be able to share their content posted on Snapchat on other social media very soon.

This is undoubtedly a great move by the company in order to keep the interest of the users high, and it will be preventing the users from jumping to Instagram or other relevant media, the users of Snapchat will be able to share their stories and posts directly on Facebook and Twitter, conditioned that their accounts are linked already with the Snapchat. Afterwards, the posts will be viewable directly by the users on other platforms.

An alternative way is that the users would be able to send the links through text or mails to the concerned individuals who are either using these platforms or are able to open the relevant links to the web browser.

This update will be rolled out from today and will be available for the users around the globe from next couple of weeks.

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