Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Price in Pakistan
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Samsung is near to launch 3 Sided Galaxy Note 4 in last quarter of 2014, it could be game changer


Samsung mobile phone is planning to launch 3 sided display smart phone on the next Galaxy Note 4 It is confirmed news from the authorized Samsung Electronics part supplier. Samsung has also filed patent and drawing for the 3 sided galaxy Note 4. According to our source, Samsung claimed that the 3 sided display entering into final testing phase and could be in production by end of 2014. There is rumor company may produce limited number of sets for only Korean market in first phase. Rest of the world may experience this innovation Samsung Galaxy S6 or in Galaxy Note 5.

This is major threat to Apple, Nokia, HTC and LG. If Samsung gets success in this innovation, it would be a game changer all across the world. Competitors should open their eyes and think how to counter this innovation.  The three sided display can be used for multi purposes.

Samsung 3 sided display

Samsung 3 Sided Display, It is game changer



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