MPC has conducted a survey in which more than 50 persons participated who have purchased or selling the Q Tablets. The objective of the survey was to know the quality of the QMobile Tablets . Retailers told us that more than 50 percent buyers have returned their QTablets after one week due to poor performance, malfunctioning, battery heating problem, automatically machine gets off.

QMobile Tablets are worse device and harmful for mankind

QMobile Tablets are worse devices and harmful for mankind

Users are registering the complaints to QMobile service centers  but  Qmobile Labs are not well equipped to fix the problems and user have lost their money not getting any replacement during the warranty period.

These problems are in all QTablets models which includes QTab x 50, QTab 850, QTab 400, QTab 100, QTab 800 and etc.  It has also been noticed by the trade that QMobile has been launching new Mobile Phones and Tablets every week with any proper testing and quality assurance.  They just buy the ready made available stock from China and put their branding on it and import the devices through legal and illegal means.

All products are of inferior quality and rejected products of China markets which are being marketed by QMobile. They don’t have any quality standards and their products specifications are not according to the FCC or European standards. Consumer protection court should take legal action against such companies. All the mobile devices of QMobile are generating more than 1.60 higher SAR value which is very harmful for mankind. Government of Pakistan should form an institution which should validate the quality standards of mobile devices to for the safety of mankind.

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