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Prediction: Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to face a tough challenge!

  MPC Team

Samsung Galaxy S9 has so far got quite mixed reviews. Where the critics have appreciated the advanced technology introduced in the phone, they have also raised fingers on some of the software choices in it. This was also reported earlier that the company has planned to ship more than 43 million phones this year.

This is going to be 2 million units more than the ones sold in previous year in case of Galaxy S8 and S8+. In this regard, Samsung Galaxy S9 will definitely have a challenge. The main question in this regard is that whether those cosmetic changes made in S9 will drive more sales of the duo in comparison of S8 duo or not.

One view in this regard is that the changes are not much significant. Still, the target set by Samsung is quite ambitious but still achievable. If we currently assume that globally S9 sales will reach 43-million-mark, still the rise of sales for S8 will continue with the passage of time. If we see the trends, overall S8 sales were less than that of S7. So, Samsung does need to reverse this trend.

In the contemporary where even Apple is struggling hard against declining number of iPhone units’ sales every year, it will be a significant win for Samsung if it achieves the increase in its S9 duo sales. Samsung Galaxy S9 Price in PakistanGalaxy S9 Plus Price in Pakistan and release dates are still not revealed. Let’s wait for that and see if Samsung fulfills its aims in the country and elsewhere or not.

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