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Powerful and LTE-ready Apple Watch Series 3 is now Official!

7 months ago   MPC Team

Smartwatches do not usually have that sort of standing in front of attractive smartphones, and they have still not been able to grab that ‘next big thing’ spot so far, but Apple has decided to change the scheme of things a bit by successfully upgrading such wearables.

Today, in fact a few hours ago, Apple has released an all-new smartwatch namely Apple Watch Series 3. This new edition looks pretty much like the previous iterations, but it has more refined and packed features than earlier versions.

The new Apple Watch Series 3 will be finally phone-free, and that is due to the integration of LTE technology within the smartwatch. Before, the smartwatches of Apple were reliable on iPhones to get connected with the rest of the world. That norm has now been changed. Display has been doubled in size in order accommodate the LTE antenna and hence enable the cellular connectivity.

It has also been packed with a new and powerful processor, which is about 70% faster than the previous one featured in Apple Watch Series 2. It will come with the new WatchOS 4, which itself has been introduced with a lot of new features, e.g. Activity app.

The price of LTE version of the watch will be $399 and non-LTE version will be $329. The pre-orders for Apple Smartwatch Series 3 will begin from September 15 and retail availability will begin from September 22.

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