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Oppo R7 Lite Review

  shahid nazir

The launch of Oppo R7 Lite is disappointment as the company did not work on the design language as well as innards. We also found the device bit overpriced while the quality compromised. Oppo is one of the leading brands in China and so far manufactures some cheapest and widest selling handsets in the region. Moreover Europe has warmly welcomed the handsets manufactured by the company. The company has also worked on clones on major brand and has witnessed tremendous selling in this respect. The Oppo R7 Lite is the meeker version of bigger sibling Oppo R7 but it is unsuccessful in tapping its market.

Oppo R7 Lite Review.

OPPO R7 Lite comes with 5-inch display with a pixel resolution 1080 x 1920. The screen resolution is not crispier and has color adjustment issue. It is not enough visible in the bright light. As far as the benchmark of OPPO R7 Lite GPU is concerned, it is total of 14,166 which is relatively better than that of OPPO R7. The GPU of the handset is Adreno ™ 405 Qualcomm. The Oppo R7 Lite speaks the same design language as that of R7 with thick bezels and rounded corners to make it handier in the palms.

Oppo R7 Review is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor with 1.5 GHz Octa-core using MSM16 of Qualcomm Technologies. The device has 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB ROM which is perfect for the lighter versions. The Oppo R7 Review internal memory can be extended via microSD slot of 128GB.  The chipset four cores are humming at a rate of 800 MHz as its low and 1497.6 MHz at its high. On the contrary, the other four cores exhibit different nature with a frequency of 800MHz as its low and 1113MHz as its high.

The rear camera of Oppo R7 Review has 13MP rear camera with a resolution of (4208 x 3120) when captured in a normal mode. The size of the image is 7.70 MB during the daylight with a resolution of (5824 x 4368) in HD mode. Further the device has LED Flash light. The front camera is an 8MP with a pixel resolution of (3264 x 2448). The Selfie camera has normal and beauty option mode that keeps the snapshots more variable. Oppo R7 Lite is powered by 2000mAh battery.

The specs are reasonable, you may like them, but not the price.

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