Oppo N3 Review
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Oppo N3 Review

  shahid nazir

Oppo is Chinese brand that produces innovative and cutting-edge technology. Currently, it has been famous for its sleek and multi-layered, multi-featured smartphones that are combating major brands within home country and in Europe. Fortunately, the company gained immense appreciation for its design and performance. Despite the fact Oppo is a bit expensive as compared to its competitor in China, it delivers exceptional operational capacity and works efficiently, which makes it a stand out in the market. It’s much like Oppo N3 is also beaming on the stage. The company has designed this marvelous handset for upper mid-range.

Oppo N3 Review

Design and Display

Even if it’s not a flagship, it is difficult to underestimate the power and performance of it display. You will find the same crispier resolution residing in the 5.5-inch AMOLED HD screen. The big screen is supported by resolution of (1920 x 1080 pixels), which makes it brighter and sharper when compared to devices of same sort. However, we except that resolution to bit bulged to make it compatible to more A class device also the Snapdragon 801 can afford more.

The design is revamped, rounded at the edges and appears like LG G flex line up in one look. However, it is not a flexible display handset which shows there is still lot more to take in. It is best fit in both hands and pockets.

Memory and Powerhouse.

A handset like Oppo N3 seeks hefty innards to support external features like a good camera and beefy screen. Oppo has taken care of this balance while manufacturing. A whopping and latest chipset Snapdragon 801 is powering the handset. It is big enough to work with screen and work load of the handset. In addition to this Quad-core CPU helps to perform multitasking.


The handset feature 2GB RAM which meets industry standards but is obsolete for absolute benchmarks. The storage capacity is 32GB internal memory.

Camera and Battery

Oppo N3 offers high-end features when it comes to camera. The rear camera has 16MP resolution encompassing the similar features like OIS etc. It further supports 4K video@ 30fps, and 120fps. It has 5MP front facing camera with 80 degree wide angle lens and whopping 3000mAh battery that gives life to this gigantic existence.

Overall you will find the performance of the handset efficient and it works well with every kind of task. The handset supports multi-tasking at its fullest. It is a good purchase if you have little in pocket with big desires.

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