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Why should you not use smartphones at night?!

  MPC Team

Everyone loves to use smartphones at night. However, using a smartphone at night time is directly associated with the quality of sleep, which gets worse with the passage of time. This was revealed by an online journal PLOS one, which recently published a study about sleep disorders and effects of using smartphones at night time.

It is a very terrible idea to focus all our energies on using a smartphone at night, as it does affect our eyes and vision in the long run. This is because the larger displays of smartphones emit blue light of shorter wavelength, which directly causes quite damaging health effects. Similarly, such exposure to shorter wavelength will also disrupt out normal sleeping cycle, which will also further contribute towards heart diseases, diabetes, obesity as well as other worse health conditions.

Moreover, the blue light emitted by mobile phones can also cause bad effects during the sunny times of the day. However, at night time, the brain will more get confused by this light, because it copies like that of sun ray. This will cause the brain to stop making the melanin, which is hormone, which in turn makes and regulates the sleep cycle. Hence, it will become harder to fall asleep easily, and that will therefore potentially cause serious effects on our health.

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