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Nokia 6 Smartphone Review: Brand Back to Existence, Resurgence Line Up

  MPC Team

Finnish HMD Global startup puts back the iconic brand Nokia on the racing line of competitors. Giving fans reason to celebrate the return of legendary brand which ruled for over many years. The company has signed a deal of 10 years for selling Nokia branded tablets and mobile phones; Nokia 6 is one of the top products in this regard.

Nokia 6 Smartphone Review: Brand Back to Existence, Resurgence Line Up

Nokia 6 Smartphone Review: Brand Back to Existence, Resurgence Line Up

To disrupt the smart market, four new iconic handsets by Nokia are here to stay. At MWC 2017, three Android smartphones along with Nokia 3310 were unveiled. We all loved to play snake game and are quite familiar with the ringtones but Nokia 6 is the premium of all of the smartphones launched at the tail end of the year 2016.

Nokia 6 first exclusive launch was in China back in January 2017 and one million pre registrations occurred in just 23 seconds, Nokia officials told. Aiming to this success, Nokia decided to bring this handset to the world in second quarter of this year; most probably end of June.

Early Verdict – Nokia 6 is one of the finest Android phones to be launched by the brand (Nokia 8,9 much-hyped but aren’t in market) so far with best design, UI, specs and on-budget factors attracting many die-hard Nokia fans.

Display of 5.5 inch full HD, 3GB RAM, Internal Storage of 32GB, Snapdragon 430 chipset, 8MP front camera, 3000mAh battery, fingerprint scanner, and 16MP rear camera –main go-to features of the mobile phone.

Design & Display

Upgrade in not only in OS but change in the look and feel is visible for Nokia 6 new mobiles. The shiny, smooth and simple design reminds us of the Lumia phones which were needlessly to say – classy. You would be getting the Nokia 6 in shades of blue, copper, black, and silver.

Its metallic unibody is composed of aluminium 6000 just like famous 3310 predecessor. Corners of the phone are rounded, home button could also be used as finger scanner, mobile edges are with slight curves.

Back of the phone has the logo, oval section surrounding the camera, and microphone for noise reduction. Camera slightly protrudes out of the phone.

Bottom has the classic USB port, top has antennas and headphone hack which makes it handy to use headphones while jogging or any other activity as your phone sets in your pocket.

Protection layer of Gorilla Glass 3 makes it resistant to any sort of breakage. It has a display of 5.5 inch and has antireflective technology. Full HD 1080 x 1920 resolution and pixel density of 401 ppi.


Previously Android 7.0 Nougat was told to run the Nokia 6 software but the mobile will receive Android Nougat 7.1.1 update as according to the latest new sources. What does that mean? Stock version of the new software would bring improvement because Nokia doesn’t support installing heavy skins on the mobile phones especially the stock builds. You’ll receive new set of power saving options, background option for management, new emojis and more.

3G / 4G dual-SIM, dual standby support and April security patch would also be part of new update. Usual set of improvements that user will get include bug fixes, optimization and USB driver utility update.


Snapdragon 430 processor, 3GB RAM and 32GB internal storage are key aspects when we look into the performance of the Nokia 6 smartphone. To suit your needs of more RAM and storage Arte Black Limited Edition could work because Arte Black has 64 GB internal storage rather going for fingerprint back version of the mobile phone.

MicroSD card slot adds up internal storage space too, up to 128GB or even more. Mobile speed testing shows the perfect speed but in case of games and heavy duty multitasking games, 430 chipset isn’t sufficient. Moto G5 has the same chipset and is cheaper than the Nokia 6. The chipset drags down the Nokia 6 performance in the market especially compared with Lenovo K6, Asus ZenFone 3 Laser and Xiaomi Redmi 3s.

Camera – 16MP rear camera and 8MP front camera, a solid offering from Nokia under the budget friendly price tag. Nokia has added HDR a dual tone rear flash. The latter feature helps you to click photos even in low-light areas. Front camera auto focus phase-detection is part of the camera features. Sensor pixel with 1.0um size and f/2.0 aperture, brings forth better performance for low shabby light. Critics can’t wait to test that feature out but setting expectations before won’t be a good idea as it results in huge disappointments.

For selfie pictures, 8MP camera has f/2.0 aperture and sensor pixels are bit larger than the rear camera i.e. 1.12um so practically it should be even better than the rear camera results in low light. Selfie front camera also has 84 degrees field of view which is effective and wide, means fit large group of people in single frame.

Nokia 6 Smartphone Review: Brand Back to Existence, Resurgence Line Up

Nokia 6 Smartphone Review: Brand Back to Existence, Resurgence Line Up

Fingerprint sensor – for extra security of the mobile data, Nokia 6 offers fingerprint sensor which is neatly placed below the home button. Around the sensor, multitasking keys are given.

Smart audio, dual speak – audio amplifier, Dolby Atmos sound and dual speakers has made watching videos over the phone more fun and exciting. Play popular Facebook videos and enjoy the audio boost on the new Nokia 6.

Battery – It has 3000mAh non-removable battery which charges through microUSB port instead of USB-C, a latest addition in new generation smartphones. The battery is the main strong point of Nokia mobile phones but for this new entrant it yet has to be seen.

Breakage test – Gorilla Glass 3 protection gives us an assumption that dropping it off on the pavement may save it from any breakage or scratches. Solid aluminum making of Nokia 6 with diamond cutting technique to round off the phone edges, that is the reason why, the edges are sharp and less prone to damage. Side edges are curved so you might not like the square curvy looks of the phone but it’s quite easy on the grip.

Price & Release Date

Nokia 6 price disclosed is €229 (around $240, £195, AU$315). Looking into the specs sheet and the market category of affordable handsets, it’s a decent choice. Need something exclusive with more RAM and internal storage than Arte Black special edition of Nokia 6 should be your pick. Arte black has piano black rear, 64GB storage, 4GB RAM with a price of €299 (around $315, £255, AU$410).

Release date of the Nokia 6 hasn’t been confirmed but according to the Twitter official account the handset will be available in the market by June end this year. This means, almost after 3 months of the launch announcement and can say short-period launch in January in China for testifying.

The point is it’s already too long as users anxiously awaited when it first was announced. It is being feared that the company is already late is launching the product worldwide. This isn’t good for the repute as many critics reviewed positively in the start but drag not only lagging behind the product features but may be making the competition tougher.

During the period of 3 months, many have changed and new specs overruled the old ones such as USB-C charging instead of Micro USB charging.

Announced release in June should not be delayed any further.


Under the umbrella of HMD Global, Nokia Android phones are taking minor steps or we can say safe small steps in the ruthless smartphone market. Their approach of ‘better safe than sorry’ seems working but many aren’t expecting much.

Primary focus of Nokia 6 is to deliver essential and day-to-day features which consumers love to use. Design and appearance isn’t cheap, features are the ones every other smartphone is offering that means nothing settles for less, user can trust to buy this solid Nokia device.

Out of the ordinary isn’t the approach Nokia following but to fixate on basic core features which users are heavily relying, processor could be improved though, as we won’t be liking to play games and multitask while our phone stuck in the middle.

Nokia 6 has 4GB RAM and guess what’s even more? Native storage on board, 64GB storage for Arte black edition which means more space at your disposal especially when phone software itself eats up some of the gigabytes. Expansion slot for micro SD card gives user 128GB more space.

HMD Global first essential step seems succeeding as we eagerly are waiting to get the hands-on experience and to see if turns up to our expectations.

Final Verdict

Nokia isn’t setting its center stage to give tough competition to the top contenders i.e. Apple, Samsung etc. but want to play safe by launching mid-range budget friendly handsets such as Nokia 6.

Snapdragon 430 chipset isn’t something worth under the price value as even many brands are offering better processors like Motorola and Lenovo handsets of the same competitive genre. Android Nougat 7 optimization into the OS is what to see if the phone works incredibly well with it, otherwise core features are already mainstream and sell the phone on budget anyway.



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