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Motorola celebrates 45 years of first mobile phone with a flashy sale!

  MPC Team

Motorola has started celebrating the 45th anniversary of the launch of first-ever mobile phone with a great sale. The first-ever mobile was phone was launched by Motorola itself, which was 13-inch tall and was named as Motorola DynaTAC and whose weight was 1.75 pounds. It did not come with any sort of display. The company is therefore offering great discounts on selective mobile phones in United States.

motorola mobile phone celebration

The first discount will be on Motorola Moto E Series, i.e. $40. Similarly, Moto G and X series will be discounted by $100. Similarly, the main discount is on Moto Z series of $150. These are the discounts that are available for only few selective models and will be varying depending on the variant that you opt for. One example is that if you choose Motorola Moto G5s Plus of 64GB, the discount will be $100. Similarly, there will be $50 discount for 32GB variant of the same motorola phone.


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