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Latest YouTube App Update Reminds You to Not Procrastinate

  MPC Team

YouTube has just introduced an updated feature which attempts to stop its users from spending too much time watching videos. This new feature can prove to be a great help for mobile phone users in Pakistan who without any doubt spend more time than is necessary, watching YouTube videos.

The new YouTube app update, reminds users to stop procrastinating and get back to real life and everyday tasks. Users can now set up the app to notify them when they’ve spent too much time watching videos on the platform.

In an attempt to be compatible with the upcoming Google Android P smartphone operating system, the company is bringing about new changes to their existing app collection so that it can improve user experiences and also stay up-to-date with new features which are a result of the trendy notched display design.


The new feature can be accessed from the app settings and is easy to setup:

  • Inside the YouTube app, tap your Profile icon appearing on the top right of the screen.
  • Tap on Settings and then select General
  • Next tap on the Remind me to take a break
  • From the screen which appears next you can choose from the various Reminder Frequency time intervals. You can also choose the default selection of Never if you do not want to be reminded.
  • Once you’ve set up a reminder time limit, you will receive a notification from the YouTube app in case you spend more time watching videos, than the time limit you choose in the settings.

With the reminder set, the YouTube app will not actually block you out of the app or stop the video itself, it will only display a notification reminding you that you should take a break and stop using the app for some time.

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The app has also received a new Schedule Digest feature which lets the YouTube app store notifications. It then sends them to the user all at once at a pre-defined time.

The latest YouTube app can be downloaded for both Android and iOS.

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