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HTC One M9 Against HTC One M8: All-inclusive Review

  Faraz Faraz

Mobile trends keep on changing every day. The phone you bought today may feel old tomorrow. However, with a vast variety of extremely supreme quality cell phones make it rather stirring every time.

How does HTC One M9 Fling back HTC One M8?

HTC being one of the most regarded cell phone brands introduced an impressive mobile over a year ago. HTC One M8 having sleek design and classy body caught the attention of consumers on a wider scale. However, recent cell phone enticement and rivalry didn’t let HTC One M8 specifications to endure much stridently that overlay the new model i.e. HTC One M9.

htc one m8

Singled out HTC One M9 Specifications

HTC One M9 has additional features and specifications to fulfill starving consumer demands more suitably. It is snooping to know, does HTC One M9 has an epic ascend on its predecessor or is that just an increment of it? Below comprehensive HTC One M9 specifications spell out in-depth.

HTC One M9: Design Features:

Though apparently looks like the older version, HTC One M9 has clearly some profound changes in its design if noticed exceedingly. In fact, both cell phone models are capable enough but, absolutely HTC One M9 has some windfall qualities that make it even more approving among consumers. This further makes it probing to know Latest HTC mobile prices in Pakistan (if they are affordable yet or not).

Specifically, HTC One M9 does have a bold finish outside that makes it foe to drop from your hands. Having dual tone and sleek look with sharp sides all around, it’s easier to hold the new phone than standard version which has rather rounded corners on its sides. Besides design modifications added up, the new cell phone model has inside imminent attributes as well to keep punters comfortable.

htc one m9How vivid M9 Displays?

It seems that both sculpts have quite similar display, where M9 still has an approving end. Both models are designed to have same display of 5-inch 1080 x 1920 S-LCD 3 that allow them to produce same arresting and spiky visuals keeping eyes unflustered every time. That is why, HTC Mobile Rates in Pakistan of these models are quite similar.

htc one m9 vs htc one m8Additionally, M9 is capable to produce an improved brightness of 508 nits, whereas M8 has 490 nits. M9 has further colder display with temperature of 8100K hauling behind the predecessor. However, addicts are more attracted towards refined looks and comfortable holding rather than minimal temperature addition to M9 display.

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