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Google launches a new app for Google Tasks!

  MPC Team

Google had earlier released the revamped version of Gmail, and now it has launched a new app for the Google Tasks. This is a web service, which was previously accessible via Google Calendar and Gmail. This separate app will now be available for iOS as well as Android.

Google Tasks will essentially be a task management service, through which the users will be able to create different tasks as their reminders. The users will be able to add the subtasks for the current tasks, while additional details will also be given there.

The tasks will also be add-able in older fashion, i.e. through Calendar and Gmail, which will then appear on Google Tasks app too, if it is installed and synced with same Google account. This app will essentially remind you of the tasks that are due on a particular day.

You can download the app from Google Play Store as well as Apple App Store.

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