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Google to launch Pixel smartwatch, handsets and Pixel Buds

  MPC Team

Google may have recently rebranded the Android Wear, but that does not necessarily mean that the platform is gaining popularity. Perhaps Google can achieve its targets related to wearable tech by releasing a flagship device of its own, which can showcase everything which Google’s Wear OS is capable of.

According to popular leak experts, we might be getting similar tech by the end of 2018 during Google’s next hardware-focused event. A Pixel-branded watch is expected to make its debut. Also the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL smartphones and the second generation of Pixel Buds will be displayed.

If true, this would remedy what the company has left out in its newfound hardware strategy. All that’s left is for Google to release another Android TV console, and then Google would really have all its bases covered, when it comes to own-brand stuff. Up until now, Google has been at ease while its partners have taken care of all the smartwatches in the market.

Upcoming Features

All Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) watches will come with the new Google Assistant features, including an always-on microphone, text-to-speech conversion when wearing a headset and suggested actions. Other Wear OS features will include continuous heart rate monitoring using the Google Fit app and also battery efficiency features.

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  1. It would be prefered if only the Pixel 3 XL uses AMOLED from Samsung, not from LG’s failing P-OLED panels.

  2. I expect Google Gear to be in low range, every time I go for buying a smartwatch there is a better smartphone available in market at the same price!!

  3. Google needs to improve its hardware, its board is weak. I just lost board of my pixel smartphone in just a year!

  4. Waiting for the leaks of Pixel 3 and XL. I am sure they are again skipping 3.5 mm headphone jack. And finally, we will welcome notch to Google phones!

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