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First-look Comparison of LG V30 and Google Pixel 2 XL

  MPC Team

As Google has officially unveiled its flagship smartphone namely Google Pixel 2 XL, comparisons of the same with other high-end smartphones have started pouring in. In this regard, the first-look comparison of Pixel 2 XL with LG V30 seems quite logical. It must be noted that Google had assigned LG the task of manufacturing this phone this year, whereas the last year it was HTC that designed and manufactured the previous Pixel duo. This has proved to be a very significant switch, as LG’s own V30 has making great progress in terms of succeeding to be the best smartphone of 2017. So, the race is real. Google might not be aware of that. But it seems that owing to the tough competition ahead, Google might change manufacturing partners once more the next year. Needless to say, both of these smartphones will be compared from different perspectives, as they already stack up quite well against each other.


So, when it comes to design, first we look into the front. Both the phones closely match each other on the tooth, and that is due to higher similarity in their breezeless designs as well as the sloping edges. As a matter of fact, it is quite hard to really differentiate between the two while giving them both a first look. When they were flipped around, the differences emerge. Both of these phones have a metal meets glass constructions, but Pixel 2 XL does not appear as weak or fragile as does the V30. That is because V30 has an all-glass surface. Moreover, V30 has more premium value in its looks and feel, and that is because the metal surface of the other one, i.e. Pixel 2 XL has a plastic texture.

Furthermore, in case of Google Pixel 2 XL, we are happy to witness that there are dual speakers on the front, which are located in more appropriate place than the one speaker positioned within V30. The speaker in case of V30 has greater chances of being covered by the accident, which might also result in the muffled tones especially when one is watching the videos. Even then, LG V30 will take a lead from Google Pixel 2 XL because the former has 3.5mm headphone jack, which is not present in latter. If the headphone jack was added in V30, why was it not present in Pixel 2 XL? No one has any clue about that, but it is more of the convenience in case of V30 that we appreciate.


Once again, there is a resemblance in the two phones when it comes to paying close attention to their displays. One only finds a splitting image when comparing the two vis-à-vis size, aspect ratios and display technology employed. The specs look identical as both the phones have 6-inch display along with P-OLED display of 2880 x 1440 pixels resolution. We were however more amazed by seeing into the display of V30, and it is not shocking that same feelings are there for Pixel 2 XL as well. Undoubtedly, both the phones are gorgeous and one will find it quite tough to prefer one over another until more intimate relation is established with both the phones on individual basis.

User Interface

There can be contention in this area when we talk about LG V30 and Google Pixel 2 XL. This is mainly due to the likely impossibility of disliking the stock android experience in case of both. Since Pixel being Google smartphone, hence it will be getting the benefits of vanilla Android 8.0 Oreo experience from the beginning along with the additional software and program features with particular focus on Google Assistant. Homescreen of this phone shows ‘at a glance’ widget, which gives you updated reminders about different things. Moreover, there are enhancements made in case of Google Lens, and there is another important feature through which you can simply squeeze the phone for initiating the Google Assistant. Hence, there are a lot of things to talk about in case of user interface of Google Pixel 2 XL, which are not present in case of LG V30.

However, do not just get wrong in here, as we do find the software experience of LG V30 to be more than just operational; however, since we are comparing it with the new Pixel 2 XL, hence it is likely that V30 would not be able to keep the same pace with that of Pixel 2 XL, for which we will have to wait for future software updates.

Memory and Processor

Once again, don’t be shocked that both of these smartphones come with the same processor. Thanks to Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 SoC that it has been powering the high-end smartphones. Both LG V30 and Google Pixel 2 XL are high-powered phones through this processor. Featuring 4GB RAM, both the phone share the same level of responsiveness. No one yet knows what it will be after months or years, but one must be certain that Pixel 2 XL would not shed its zip. It can also be said about V30, but time will be the main decider in that respect.

Though there is no sort of storage expansion option in case of Pixel 2 XL, as one would either only have a 64GB phone or 128GB one. Even V30 is going to have the same storage options, but you will also be able to expand it further through microSD card slot.


This is the most important as well as significant and interesting aspect to look into when comparing both the phones. At one end, we have V30, which offers the users extensive manual controls, whereas in case of Google Pixel 2 XL, the main aim is on simplicity and performance. The content creators are going to be attracted more towards LG V30 due to its dual camera system, i.e. 16MP main sensor and 13MP wide-angle camera. In addition to that, there is the LG Vine mode offered in the phone, along with which there are manual video controls, which make V30 possessing a versatile camera system that will be quite helpful for the would-be filmmakers.

Compared to V30, dual camera system is not included in Google Pixel 2 XL, as it has remained stuck with the single 12MP main camera. It might be a cause of concern for some people, but since Pixel 2 XL has managed to meet the expectations through its impressive photo capturing quality, hence one must not be alarmed in that area. As a matter of fact, the phone’s camera will even be able to display an impressive portrait mode of all sorts through the effective software-based learning, through which the bokeh effects to the background elements will be produced.

Hence, we cannot judge the camera system in any of the two, as we are still waiting for more evaluations to pour in, on the basis of which we can decide whose camera department dominates the most.


Now moving on to the battery department, we can easily say that Google Pixel 2 XL has a relative advantage over LG V30, as the former has battery capacity of 3,520mAh while the latter has a slightly lesser 3,300mAh battery. However, it is not that huge difference that we could rule one out. But it will be an interesting contest in terms of how much time and longevity do both the phones experience in one battery cycle. Another worth mentioning thing is that LG V30 has metal meets glass construction, which provides convenience for wireless charging. On the other hand, Pixel 2 XL is not even giving this option to its users.

Final Expectations

When it comes to the price of these two high-tech devices, it is known so far that LG V30 will have a slight advantage over Pixel 2 XL, and that is because the former is priced at about $800 in the USA, whereas the latter, despite the absence of dual camera system and wireless charging, has price tag of $850. As a matter of fact, both the phones have many pros and cons; however, there is one aspect on which we can agree, i.e. LG V30 will become a clear winner, and passage of further time will be the true guard of our predictions. From software perspective, the Pixel 2 XL has better advantage, as people always prefer to use the stock android without the interference of any sort of user interface. Still, LG V30 packs an incredible set of features including its stunning design, which does not have a match so far in the market.

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