Google leaks Pixel 3 Name!

The next flagship phone by Google is going to be simply named as Google Pixel 3. This is normal, and it is obviously not shocking for anyone. It would also be expected that Pixel 3 would come with its elder… read more

samsung mobiles

Samsung expects to get 50% more profit in Q1 2018!

In about the third quarter of previous year, Samsung had started this practice of posting the records of its financial reports for particular quarters. This was mostly due to the higher demand of its memory chips. The latest reports have… read more

huawei mate rs

OLED screen for Huawei Mate RS was made by LG Display!

Once and for all, LG Display has made a remarkable achievement by selling the flexible OLED displays to Huawei for its recently release Mate RS Porsche Design, which will come with the curved screen edges. The noteworthy aspect is that… read more