A new Ad campaign by iD Mobile in the UK

iD mobile has launched new advertisement which features Asim Chaudhry who is a BAFTA award winning actor.The new campaign #WeGotThis was launched on June 21 which features Asim’s new film Control Room on the MVNO youtube channel.

Surface laptop by Microsoft conquers teardown team

Microsoft is following Apple to create another laptop whose components you can never replace. iFixit also tried to break a new Microsoft surface laptop which is ultra-thin and light and priced at £979 which they could not do without completely… read more

CEO of Fonehouse Stuart Joce departs

Stuart Joce the CEO of Fonehouse has left the company after its contract came to an end because his 2 years contract was over.A new person Clive Bayley is appointed and will see the daily business tasks and will also… read more

Mobile Operator Three in the UK fine for £1.9 million

UK operator Three is fined because customers were unable to call the emergency number 999. Ofcom which is the communication regulator in the UK has ordered Three to pay £1890 fine for this.Customers from Kent, Hampshire and some parts of… read more

iD Mobile announces new plan

iD Mobile has introduced new plan which offers GoTo, Shockproof and TakeAway from the company into one SIM. This tariff which is from the 4G operator from Carphone warehouse was launched yesterday i.e 15 June which allows its customers to… read more