Oppo First Service Center and Experience Zone Launches

Oppo First Service Center and Experience Zone Launches.

Oppo has recently announced the opening of a new Service Center and Experience Zone to provide post and pre-purchase quality service and customer’s trial of device features, applications and updates. The inauguration ceremony of the Service Center was held at… read more

Oppo U3 finally certified from TENNA

Pakistan: Special Discounts by Oppo on New Year.

Oppo Pakistan has introduced special discounts on three of its smartphones, namely Find 7a, Oppo Joy and N1 mini. You can get these smartphones at discounted prices from any retail store in Pakistan in the celebration of New Year. Find… read more

The Alleged Oppo Find 9 images leak a dual camera

Oppo N3 will soon hit Chinese market

Oppo N3 has gotten Network License in China and is expected soon in the market but yet the official release date is unannounced. The smartphone initially planned to hit 20 markets by the end of year but could not manage… read more

All glass Oppo A31 LTE-enabled released

OPPO to introduce R8205 and R8200 shortly.

OPPO will soon be releasing its two smartphones from R series. The device is making rounds on TENNA website which means the official announcement is not far off. The two handsets are named R8205 and R8200. Both smartphone are identical… read more

All glass Oppo A31 LTE-enabled released

In The Race of Slimmest SmartPhones, OPPO R5!

Well, these days the marathon for slimmest smartphones is augmenting. But is it worthwhile to adopt fashion while sacrificing the usability and functionality of phone? This has become a burning question. The Oppo R5 with its thinnest body has yet… read more

All glass Oppo A31 LTE-enabled released

Nokia is a biggest threat for Oppo in Pakistan:

Connecting with public is a source of power for brands. Understand the brand funnel and its impact on the results. Oppo is trying hard to make heavy marketing and branding campaigns offer in double margins in Pakistan. Oppo has some… read more

Oppo Pakistan launches (R1K) 8001 smartphone

Oppo Pakistan launches R1 8001 smartphone in Pakistan market in Rs.39900. The R1K ultra slim 7.1 mm body comprises a one piece of design with no excess interface or complicated dividers paired with metallic frame that has gone undergone eight… read more

Oppo Mobile Phones Company

Oppo Launches Mobile Phone in Pakistan

Oppo is leading international mobile phone brand its Smartphone features are quite amazing and pricing is quite reasonable. Oppo has not appointed any distributor in Pakistan and giving the supplies directly to dealers, retailers and wholesalers. Zero level channel of… read more