How to see the deleted messages on WhatsApp

WhatsApp introduced an option about deleting the sent message within seven minutes. Through this option, the users were able to send and then subsequently remove the messages for everyone in personal chat or group chat within seven minutes span. The… read more

Group calling feature now introduced on WhatsApp

The famous mobile phone messaging app WhatsApp has introduced the beta version of group calling for both audio and video. According to sources, there are billions of users of WhatsApp around the world for whom the company keeps on introducing… read more

WhatsApp Business App has now been introduced!

  WhatsApp has released a new app for the small business owners and entrepreneurs, and this app is named as WhatsApp Business. The main benefit of this app for the business owners is to communicate with their customers. Numerous businesses… read more

Enjoy Free Unlimited WhatsApp with Zong 4G

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WhatsApp fully blocked in China!

Tough thing is currently going on for the dedicated WhatsApp users in China, as the app has been permanently and fully blocked in the country today. From many days in the past, the users experienced a very spotty functionality in… read more