Facebook to offer ‘Unsend’ to all Messenger users!

Facebook has consistently been in the limelight after the Cambridge Analytica Scandal. Though Facebook has already announced the major changes in the aim of protecting the users. The report by TechCrunch states that Facebook retracted those messages that were sent… read more

Happy New Year 2018!

  With the passage of another year, the advancements in the mobile technology have been more rampant and effective. The MPC Team greatly enjoyed the coverage of all sorts of progress in the mobile technology in 2017 and we are… read more

Facebook Launched “Messenger Kids” with Parental Control

The globally well-known social network, Facebook has declared that it is releasing a new app for kids, dubbed as Messenger Kids. It will enable kids to use messaging software of Facebook. First time Facebook has grant the children to have… read more

Send Cash to Your Friends through Facebook

Although the new Facebook messenger feature is limited for US audience but it has made sending money to friends easier via PayPal. Paying friends for the dinner is something related to 2015 because this transferring money was launched by then… read more

Facebook Live Introduced Screen Sharing Feature

Facebook Live has added a built-in functionality for screen sharing as reported today. Prior to this update, third party software was required to do so. The option appears on the right hand side of the Facebook Live screen below ‘FaceTime… read more

Facebook Fake News Threats: Obama Warns Zuckerberg

Conversation of Barack Obama and Mark Zuckerberg happened when Obama was still in charge of United States and 2 months before Donald Trump inauguration. This has been reported by the Washington Post that Barak Obama made an appeal to Facebook… read more