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How can you force Restart your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+?

In this age, we have smartphones that are all-screen and which we simply hold through their thinner frame, which is surrounding it. Such phones are actually sealed from all sides, and they feature only a couple hardware buttons. One such… read more

Top 10 phones to look forward to in this year!

Get Ready! Biggest smartphones are set to be released in upcoming months of 2018, which has been developed with new screen designs, improving facial scanning features, and including three camera lenses in the phone. If you are looking out to… read more

Report: Samsung finalizes the design for Galaxy S10!

Only a month has passed since the official release of Galaxy S9 and S9+, and the rumors of Samsung Galaxy S10 have already started appearing on the internet. Insiders reveal that the next S series flagship by Samsung will have… read more

samsung galaxy s8 and s8 plus specs

Samsung Releases Galaxy S8 in Burgundy Red Color!

Although, Samsung mobile phone has launched its latest flagship phone Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus already, but it still seems that the company has still not given up on its last year’s flagship Samsung Galaxy S8. The… read more

samsung galaxy a6

More specs of Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus leaked online!

Samsung is soon going to release its Samsung Galaxy A6 and A6 Plus, which has been confirmed through different leaks in the recent period. Even today a post on Twitter has revealed more specifications of these two phones. Samsung Galaxy… read more

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Samsung expects to get 50% more profit in Q1 2018!

In about the third quarter of previous year, Samsung had started this practice of posting the records of its financial reports for particular quarters. This was mostly due to the higher demand of its memory chips. The latest reports have… read more

samsung galaxy j7 prime 2

Samsung quietly releases Galaxy J7 Prime 2 (2018)

Samsung has released an updated version of Galaxy J7 Prime 2 for its Indian segment. This was done without any sort of fuss. The phone seems to be the updated version of previously launched Galaxy J7 Prime. There are a… read more


Huawei, Samsung, Apple and Qualcomm: Flagship chipsets’ size comparison

Currently, four companies are in competition vis-à-vis flagship chipsets production, i.e. Qualcomm (Snapdragon), Apple (A-series), Huawei (Kirin) and Samsung (Exynos). The latter three chipsets are used in the respective companies’ flagship smartphones. In this regard, Huawei and Samsung do not… read more