Top 10 phones to look forward to in this year!

Get Ready! Biggest smartphones are set to be released in upcoming months of 2018, which has been developed with new screen designs, improving facial scanning features, and including three camera lenses in the phone. If you are looking out to… read more


Google Clips camera for sale in USA for just $249

Three days ago, Google Clips became available for the audience in USA for purchase. If you do not know about this product, then look back into the ‘Made By Google’ event held in October last year in which it was… read more

Google Assistant achieves globalization this year!

Google Assistant achieves globalization this year!

It was revealed for the first time in previous week that Google plans to expand its Assistant feature this year. It was then said that there will be 25 languages supported by this feature by the end of this year.… read more

Google finalizes HTC acquisition deal for $1.1 billion

  Google and HTC finalized a deal worth $1.1 billion back in September 2017. HTC is actually going to receive this money for exchanging some of its employees as well as giving access to Google of some of its intellectual… read more

You can now download audiobooks on Google Play Store

  For a long time, we had been enjoying reading the eBooks, and today Google has announced that it will be adding the audiobooks in its famous Play Store. These audiobooks will initially be available in 45 countries, and will… read more