how to recover deleted whatsapp messages and photos
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How Can You Recover Deleted Messages, Photos and Audio on WhatsApp?

  MPC Team

WhatsApp is one of the most famous and widely used messaging platforms in the world. Yet, many features are missing in this app. One of the most important but missing features is the retrieval of deleted messages, e.g. audios and photos. Once you delete the message, you will not be able to recover it. However, there is one way through which you would be able to recover the deleted photos, messages, audio and all other sorts of information on WhatsApp in case of their accidental deletion.

This ability to recover the messages is available only for Android users at the moment. Following are a few steps through which you would be able to recover the deleted messages on WhatsApp.

The first option is an app called ‘Notisave’, which is a free-of-cost monitoring app, which will actually read all your notifications and save it for you. This app however works only for saving the text messages, so photos and audios would not be saved. The only drawback of this app is that it will save all the texts, most of which will be totally unwanted and will not be needed at all.

The second option is another app known as ‘WhatsRemoved’, which is made for recovering the deleted messages of WhatsApp. This app is also basically the notification monitor. This app will essentially recover all the deleted messages as well as photos that you have received or sent, and it will also detect the previously deleted items and will help you recover them.

Through these features, you will dearly be able to save your data on WhatsApp if you have accidentally lost.

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