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How can you force Restart your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus?

  MPC Team

In this age, we have smartphones that are all-screen and which we simply hold through their thinner frame, which is surrounding it. Such phones are actually sealed from all sides, and they feature only a couple hardware buttons.

One such smartphone is the recently released flagship duo by Samsung, i.e. Galaxy S9 and S9+. Galaxy S9 comes with the sealed metal-and-glass sandwich along with volume rocker, power button and Bixby key. Moreover, even when you are pressing on to the power button, you are simply getting a software notification of either restarting or turning off the phone.

So, what should one do when this phone accidentally crashes? It does not mean that Samsung Galaxy S9 and Samsung S9 plus are bad, but it is just that these phones might sometimes be locked up, crashed or even freeze. However, an easy solution is there for this issue.

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So, in order to force restart or hard reboot the phone, you just need to press as well as hold the volume down button on the rocker and power button.

This will quite be a familiar shortcut for you, as pressing and holding power button along with volume up button would take the screenshots. Moreover, if you hold down the volume button along with power button for straight ten seconds, the phone will restart, even when it has crashed completely.


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