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Apple iPhone batteries catch fire in two different Apple Stores today

4 months ago   MPC Team


For the second time in two days in a row, iPhone batteries exploded inside the Apple store. An incident occurred inside a room of the Apple Store located in Valencia, Spain. The battery exploded and the room got filled with smoke. The battery inside the iPhone caught fire.

Workers in the store reportedly smothered the flames and opened the room windows so as to let the smoke out. Moreover, police and firefighters had also arrived at the place; however, their presence was not actually needed. No injuries were reported though. The incident took place at about 1:30 PM local Spanish time on Wednesday.

Before this, in the Zurich Switzerland Apple Store, an employee at the store got few burns amid the iPhone battery catching fire. Overall, seven people got the first aid; however, not a single employee was hospitalized.

The company has admitted it recently that it had controlled the CPU speed in iPhone 6 as well as the later editions. The company also said that it was aimed to prevent the older iPhones carrying depleted and weaker batteries. This was also the reason that Apple reduced the price of iPhone batteries from $79 to $29.


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