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Apple Confirms the Purchase of Shazam for $400 Million

4 months ago   MPC Team

The Apple has declared today that it has acquired Shazam, the song recognition company. Conferring to Recode, the deal is done for $400 million. An Apple spokesperson said in a statement to The Verge, that we are elated that Shazam and its proficient team will be joining Apple. The Apple Music and Shazam are an innate fit, sharing devotion for a music discovery and providing great music experiences to our users. We have appealing plans in store, and we are looking forward to joining with Shazam upon consent of today’s agreement.

However, both of the companies haven’t affirmed any plans for the future in their declarations. Currently, Shazam has apps for Android, iOS and macOS, along with the Windows apps being released former this year. It has one of the highly rated and famous apps in the world on each platform. Shazam has been the part of Apple software, by powering in Siri the song recognition aspect, even before the acquisition. So, after the acquisition, Apple could be able to build a deeper integration within its software.

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