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A Brief Overview of Car Chabi: A Pakistani Startup App to Control Your Car through Smartphone!

  MPC Team

Every year, Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) provides opportunities to the startup companies to build their brand and take Pakistan onto the technologically developed landscape. One such emerging company in this regard is the Roboart Pvt. Ltd. The company’s best brand, which has the knack for revolutionizing the car control mechanism in Pakistan, is the Car Chabi device.

Car Chabi is basically a car key remote, which will now be embedded in a smartphone in a way that it will work through an app and a tracker device installed in the car. The app calls for single tap usage, as the user will have car remote installed in his or her smartphone.

Car Chabi will provide you a range of features and make sure that you are in control. With the cutting-edge technology, the company’s product will assure that the user is in good hands. With Car Chabi RACK Pro’s variety of features, the user will haveall of his needs satisfied from Remote Starting to Securing his car when his is not even around. With auto lock and unlock, auto start and stop, Car Chabi will definitely have simply made an impact in the user’s life.

Moreover, RACK-Pro is the newer and a better version of Car Chabi. With the all new RACK-Pro, the user will have more control over his car. With the all new proximity, user will not have to tap any buttons at all. He will just need to set the ranges and hiscar will lock and unlock at his specified range. Similarly, he does not have to tap the button to start the car as well, as he just needs to set the limits and his car will start and stop at his specified range.

In addition to that, the newer and updated version of the app will automatically store the last parked location of the car. It will store the point where the app connection is lost with phone. With the new application of RACK-Pro, the user can start multiple car, just select the car enter the pin and he is all good to go. There will be no need to pair and unpair the devices like the older Car Chabi version that was released a few months ago, as the user can now control one car with multiple smartphones.

So, what’s in the box?

As the above image suggests, the new Car Chabi will come with the main device, along with which it will have a wiring harness, relays and the user manual.

This user manual coming with the Car Chabi box set will have all the directions and instructions based on which the user can himself install the device on his car as well as install the app itself on to his phone.

Main Features of Car Chabi

The first and foremost feature of this device and the app installed on user’s smartphone is the lock and unlock option. The lock and unlock buttons on the main screen will allow the usera quick access of his car. These buttons lock and unlock the user’s car from smartphone app.

The second feature is the auto security. The user will be able to activate or deactivate the Anti-Snatch mode with this button. If the car is snatched, it would automatically get immobilize after the specified interval of time.

Third feature is the manual engine kill. Through this feature, User will be easily able to deactivate or activate the car keys whenever he wants with this button. This button would hence allow the user to kill his engine hence rendering the keys useless. RACK Pro app can be used to activate the engine again as well.

Fourth feature is known as auto lock or unlock, and start or stop. With this feature enabled, the car gets automatically unlocked when the user approaches the car, starts the car when the user sits in the car and gets locked and stops when user leaves the car with smartphone.

Fifth major feature of this app is easy ride sharing. The share key and parked location will allow the user to share keys and parked location of the car via any social media he wants. The user can share the keys and parked location to anyone he wants. User just needs to tap on the button on Car Chabi RACK Pro App.

Sixth major feature is known as multiple car selection. This feature will make the life easier for the people who want to manage their fleets, not only selecting from multiple cars but also allowing the user to change the names of the cars as well.

Seventh major feature is the pre-heating and cooling of the car. This feature will give the user to cool down or pre-heat his car according to his needs. This feature of Car Chabi RACK Pro will also allow the user to defeat the weather conditions and make his life easier by giving a remote access of his car.

Eighth major feature of this device is the ability of it of storing the last parked location. In this regard, the user will not have to do anything and the smartphone will automatically store the location as the connection between the app and device is lost. This location can be used to locate the car in a parking lot and in case of sharing.

Ninth major feature is the engine control. Car Chabiwill allow the user to access engine control of the car.Car can be turned on and off with the tap of a smartphone.

Tenth major feature is the key start car control. Key start cars once connected with the device provides a smart solution for your car by allowing user to lock, unlock, start, secure, controlling the AC/Heater. It will provide him all the controls of his car into his smartphone.

The eleventh major feature is the push start car control. The Push Start Cars come with a smart key which is activated by Car Chabi’s smartphone application when the phone comes in the vicinity of the device. Smart Key is kept inside the car and once the car phone is out of range, smart key automatically deactivates, rendering itself useless.

Additional Features

Some more features that users can use and benefit from are as follows:

Multiple Key Protection.

Multiple Car Control.

One Year Warranty.

For Android and iPhone.

Anti Theft and Anti Snatch.

Opening Trunk.

See it Yourself

Some of the videos showing the users how car chabi works through smartphone for controlling his car are as follows.

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